About Infidelity Support Groups

About Infidelity

About Infidelity

Infidelity is a social phenomenon of alarmingly high rates that is shattering relationships, marriages and families! InfidelitySupportGroup.com seeks to help individuals and couples by offering a supportive community, and information that will help guide you through the emotional and confusing rollercoaster of emotions you are currently going through. We do not seek to air a moralistic, religious, or politically conservative/liberal message.  Instead, the underlying spirit of this company is to offer a necessary pragmatic and human “response” to this all too common event.

No other event is destroying relationships, marriages and families like infidelity. We are in an unprecedented time in human kind where we are inundated with sexual material. Whether it is through the TV, radio, or internet, relationships and families are under attack like never before. We are countering this phenomenon with infidelity support groups like InfidelitySupportGroup.com

Infidelity Support Groups when Being Cheated On.

We understand that being cheated on by your partner has caused you tremendous emotional pain. Infidelity support groups like InfidelitySupportGroup.com was created to alleviate your pain. We allow individuals a safe, and therapeutic venue to vent, share views, research articles and learn the stories of others who are currently going through or have gone through similar situations as yourself.

Infidelity Support Groups like our community understands your situation. Most of our members are currently going through their own situation of infidelity. Many others have overcome their situation and are online to share their stories and offer advice. InfidelitySupportGroup.com provides a positive, non-judgmental environment. The best way to heal and learn is on infidelity support groups and in an environment like ours.

Join our infidelity support group. You are sure to make good friends.


Why Cheaters Need An Infidelity Support Groups.

While most of our members were cheated on, we acknowledge the pain and torment for the one who had the affair, got caught and are remorseful. We also acknowledge that many of our members are currently struggling with their current urges to cheat and need immediate answers to their on-going struggle. Our infidelity support group does not vilify anyone! Here you will find other individuals who are going through the same problems you are facing.

There are many reasons why one had the affair. For some, it was just a dumb mistake. For others, there are more pressing problems at place within yourself and/or the marriage. While others have sexual addictions that need confronting and understanding. We acknowledge and examine all of these problems. We encourage you to join. We are here to help.

Everybody is welcome and encouraged!

Infidelity Support Groups For Friends and Family

The wake of destruction infidelity causes does not end within the immediate family. It also affects the friends and family members outside of the relationship as well. This event becomes very difficult and confusing for everybody directly and indirectly involved. What do I say? How can I help? What do I do? We will help alleviate your stress and help you to solve your questions. We have members just like yourself, along with articles to help you in your pain and confusion.

We encourage everybody who has ever been affected by the destructive event of infidelity to join our community. Whether you have been cheated on, or did the cheating, are the children of a broken family, or a family member or friend of a broken relationship. We must all begin understanding and healing.

Join infidelity support groups like ours!