How Cheating Cheats the Cheater

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]How Cheating Cheats the Cheater

It’s only fair to share…

When infidelity happens, we think if it as the person who had the affair cheated ON his or her partner. And of course that is true!

However, I can show you how the cheater cheats him or herself.

But firstly, ask yourself if you know someone who cheated who did not make his or her life worse on some level. Or maybe you might have cheated in the past- did you lose out on that choice you made. I would strongly bet that you or whoever it is DID LOSE OUT.

Here are 5 ways that cheaters cheat themselves:

  1. You suffer from the stress and guilt of keeping a secret. You are thereby cheating yourself out of a more peaceful existence.
  2. You cannot fully enjoy either the relationship with the person you are cheating on or the relationship with the person you are cheating with. Both are not real relationships based on full trust and a full celebration of the union between 2 people. So you are depriving yourself of that full celebration.
  3. f you have children, something changes for you. You do not enjoy the kids as much because you know that you are not only betraying your partner but on some real level, you are betraying them. You are cheating yourself out of the joys of parenting.
  4. You do not feel good about yourself. You are cheating yourself out of higher self-esteem.
  5. You cannot truly do the more fulfilling work of developing the kind of connection with your “committed partner” because your energies are now split. You cheat yourself out of the best chance for a phenomenal committed long-term relationship.

There you have it. Everyone loses with infidelity.

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  3. My husband cheated on me about a year or so ago, I was ready to move on and asked him to please leave with his lover because my love for him was ending, and I had no peace of mind. He cried and asked me for one more chance and I decided to give it to him. We did some couples counseling and started attending church and taking some bible studies. I don’t know what happened but I don’t feel the same way I once did towards him. I want to make things work but something tells me not to trust him completely. how do I know if I can make things work or not?
    I don’t want to waist my time or his with this relationship that has been broken

    1. The cheater seldom realizes that they somehow cheated themselves too. Only mature people will come to the realizations that you mentioned. And we all know that usually the cheaters wasn’t really thinking. So how could they even have the capacity to think of the consequences moreso the damage they are causing themselves too?

  4. I fell in love with my masseuse. My eight year extramarital affair ended a month ago when my married lover decided it was over. We made such passionate love twice a week every week for 8 years. I helped her buy a house, paid her legal bils so she could get child support etc. We would meet in the afternoon. I feel like she truly rocked my world.

    Now my heart is actually aching. Our spouses never found out. Please help?

    1. Just curious? Just how do you feel everyday whenever you come home and look at your wife? For 8 years…

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  6. In my opinion, the reason that he doesn’t feel bad or have a heart is that he is giving the pain – therefore he doesn’t feel the pain. He isn’t sad, or hurting – because he is having fun and is happy to experience the other person, but those good times are short lived. If you kick him out, the excitement is gone, and life becomes more real and maybe boring – because the other person – now will be a target of his infidelity, or the other party may become unfaithful to him – and then he will know how it feels. Do not let him stay to abuse you further. If you play – you have to pay.

  7. It doesnt look or feel like ny husband have a heart or feel bad about what he did. Becausr he just keep on doing it.