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    Posted by mickiem on December 12, 2019 at 5:47 am

    This past Saturday, I went to an annual Christmas party with my wife.  The wife of the woman she had her little cyber romance with is an agent at the Real Estate Company, so I knew we were going to be with them.  And as you know we have all tried to remain friends, which I know is insane because my wife (even though she says it is only friendship now), still texts this woman actually FB messages everyday and all day long.  I would say they send roughly 30 – 50 messages a day to each other on any given day.  Friends don’t do that…right?  I mean, that is an obsession…I don’t even think couples message/text each other that many times a day.

    Well, anyway…we were having a good time, but I have been dealing with jealously for this other woman because every time I turned around she was doing something special for her…making the meatballs big because that’s how she liked them.  So I stewed all day over it, so when Saturday night came…my happy to see my “once friends” was phony.  After the party we went to a bar to drink more (big mistake).  I had a least a quart of vodka in me and a few beers.

    These girls were supposed to come back to our house to have these special meatballs and hang out like we did last year after this party, which seemed to have become somewhat of a tradition.  But the wife of the other woman didn’t really want to, and I think she is suspicious of what is going on between my wife and hers because normal friends do not message each other like that.  If she only knew what I knew.

    But instead of saying “okay”…because I didn’t want them to come back anyway, I called the woman a “puppet”, that her wife was the puppet master.  I remember saying it…I really don’t know why I said it.

    Well, now they are both pissed at me, which is fine.  I understand, it was disrespectful and I did apologize.  But these girls, maybe because of their age or just unforgiving…I don’t know, are not accepting the apology and have ended the friendship.  Again, which is fine with me because maybe now I can stop feeling so insecure, jealous, and paranoid about these effing messages.

    But my wife is a wreck.  She is morning this like a death, she spent 3 days in bed…has barely eaten and cries constantly.  So I guess there is still more to their relationship than friendship.  Obsession?  She even told me on the phone she didn’t know how she gotten so possessive with this girl.  So please tell me…anyone.  Am I crazy?  Is this just friendship or do you think there is still something more to their little virtual communication?

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