Infidelity and Privacy

Our Infidelity Support Group is Safe and Anonymous!

Your privacy is our #1 priority!

We are an Anonymous Infidelity Support Group. Your privacy and confidentiality is the most important thing to us! We understand the difficult situation you are in. We understand how difficult it is to share your situation about infidelity with family and friends. We assure your privacy within the site. Rest assured, as a member of, your privacy is our #1 priority! promise that we will never share, or sell your information to any third party – period! (Other websites make money from this practice of selling your information – WE DO NOT, NOR EVER WILL!). We have put in place mechanisms within our company to ensure your absolute privacy! Whether you are famous or not, nobody will ever know of your membership. We promise to ensure that you stay anonymous.

Our infidelity support group is anonymous and created to help people, not take advantage of people going through difficult times.