Infidelity Support Group Sees Surge During Lockdown

infidelity support group

Thousands reach out to Infidelity Support Group as relationships are strained during COVID-19 lockdown.

Our infidelity support group has seen a steady and dramatic surge in visitors and signups since the start of COVID-19 lockdown.

The only social networking website dedicated to people dealing with infidelity, has seen a fivefold rise in engagement since March, when the country went on lockdown. Most recent visitors to report that partners with more time on their hands their partners past and present infidelity is now being revealed. They also admit that too much “togetherness” as a reason for the strain in their relationship.

As a result of the lockdown many have found secrets from their spouse that otherwise would hot have been found. They then look for an infidelity support group for help. People have been stuck with their spouse for many months straight, and we have seen that this lockdown has either brought couples together or have sadly pulled them apart.

Individuals who have found that their spouse has cheated have been turning to online Infidelity Support Groups. is the only social networking community with a professional resource section and articles. has detailed information showing the best divorce lawyers, collaborative divorce lawyers, mediation lawyers, therapists, private investigators and life coaches. Each professional in these fields is an expert in Infidelity-related issues and is sensitive to clients’ situations.

Visitors connect to these professionals not only through their bios. They connect also through the articles and videos these professionals publish directly to the community. Visitors may also chat with others going through the same experience. is free to join. is the only website in the world that offers all of these services for free and that is one of many reasons it has become so popular during these stressful times.