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In the still moments of life I am reminded just how much my children mean to me. Their laughter. Their morning breath. The way I make them laugh and vice versa. Teaching them to love themselves and ask God for forgiveness. Teaching them to say sorry and forgive others for their wrongdoings. Building a strong foundation that cannot be broken by broken people. Their sweet voices that play over and over in my mind as the day goes on and I am not with them. Their smiles when I surprise them or when I pick them up after school. One day will all seem so distant as they grow up and foster families of their own with my guidance from many years of positive conditioning and a great example of what an unconditional loving parent sacrifices for their children. And one of the greatest lessons learned is how to enjoy each others presence than receiving all the presents that money can buy.

When my children were taken from me 7.5 years ago, I quickly learned just how precious life with my children is. In the blink of an eye my world was flipped upside down. I went from being a stay at home Mom who worked a few hours a week – to having to find full time employment while being without my children on a daily basis – I was only able to see them once a week and every other weekend. I learned never to take my kids for granted and that they mattered most in my life. I began living only for them and cherishing every waking minute I was allowed to spend with them. I would hear other parents complaining how their children would cling to them at drop off or they would cry when they left daycare. I would have given anything to even be able to drop my kids off at daycare – much less have them hang on for dear life. From these moments on I had hit rock bottom and realized my children mattered most. Not my failing marriage. Not the money I could make to support them. Not my family or friends – but my kids – who I birthed and thought were important previously — now realized they mattered most and always had.

Children are our future and their voice matters. Their brilliant minds will one day change society and societal norms that no longer fit people into little boxes. They will become all that they had once hoped and dreamed of with our support. In all of my years of studying kids — I have learned first hand that you can never really understand them until you have one of your own. Then and only then will people ever be able to comprehend the hard work that goes along with raising children as if they matter most – because they do. The sleepless nights. Nursing, pumping and changing a million diapers. A thousand dropped pacifiers and burp cloths. Gallons of hand sanitizer and blankies being carried around and food stuck to car seats along with spoiled milk in sippy cups everywhere. And in my personal experiences — its ALL worth it. Every bit of it and I would go back and do it all over again if I could – only this time full of more gratitude.

Life is sure full of ups and downs and roller coaster rides with lots of hiccups – when it comes to raising kids. I sure hope that one day mine will look back and think good thoughts, remember amazing memories that were a blast and to only speak kind words about me as I have sacrificed much so they can live a good simple life remaining grateful for all God has blessed them with. I encourage you to teach your children that gratitude changes your attitude and we learn to deal with life as it comes our way, one small step at a time and sometimes huge leaps of Faith. And in the end – children matter most – no matter time or distance, heartache or love, divorce or separation – they will always remain in our hearts – FOREVER. Follow my page on Facebook for more daily motivation at Kelly Benamati – on Facebook and join her global blog @ The Power Of You – Blog on Facebook and make history and leave an amazing legacy!!! 

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