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360 Private Investigations is owned and operated by Mr. Roger Baldwin. 360 Private Investigations is licensed with the state of Arizona and is based in Chandler, Arizona.

360 Private Investigations’ mission is to provide clients with discrete and professional service(s) that meets their needs and goals.

Mr. Baldwin has over 10 years of law enforcement experience that began in Colorado and later Washington State. Throughout his law enforcement career, Mr. Baldwin worked many aspects of police work that included investigations, patrol, traffic accident reconstruction, motorcycle unit and composite artist. Mr. Baldwin has performed countless investigations ranging from major felonies such as homicide, drug cases, fraud, and arson, to misdemeanors such as petty theft, accidents, and assault. As a police officer Mr. Baldwin conducted interviews with witnesses and suspects. Mr. Baldwin attended training throughout his career to maintain his P.O.S.T. (police officers standard and training).

Mr. Baldwin worked as a security contractor for DynCorp during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Mr. Baldwin attended DynCorp’s training program at Crucible Training Center in Virginia. After completing training, Mr. Baldwin was stationed in northern Iraq and assisted in field operation with Iraqi police, which included academy classes and field training. Mr. Baldwin routinely went to Iraq police stations for up to 12 days at a time and assisted and supervised Iraqi police officers in the field by conducting dangerous foot and vehicle patrols in Iraq neighborhoods.

Mr. Baldwin is also an entrepreneur and has successfully opened and operated businesses in Washington State and Arizona. While employed as a police officer in Washington, Mr. Baldwin opened Complete Approach Physical Therapy. He operated that until it was sold to an employee of the company.

While employed as a police officer Mr. Baldwin founded and opened 360 Physical Therapy right here in Arizona. The company began with two employees and grew to seven locations in the Valley and almost 100 employees. After 10 years Mr. Baldwin accepted a buy-out and successfully separated himself from the company.
Simultaneously to operating and growing 360 Physical Therapy, Mr. Baldwin founded and opened an Irish Pub in downtown Chandler, Arizona. The establishment has seen great success and is currently still owned by Mr. Baldwin.

Mr. Baldwin’s experience as a police officer, security contractor and successful business owner provide a strong leader to 360 Private Investigations. Mr. Baldwin has knowledge in many aspects of what our clients often seek in an investigation.