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Gary Patrone is a thirty year veteran of Fortune 500 companies with accumulated knowledge in engineering, sales, marketing and management. He lived in Australia as an expatriate and has opened new markets and driven growth for customers in 43 countries by dedicating himself to understanding the markets served, developing win-win relationships and by “doing the right thing” for his clients. Gary now commits his attention to the Drug and Alcohol & DNA testing industry as CEO of SonicTest Labs.

Gary has written feature & cover articles for the Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA), the Arizona Small Business Association (ASBA), United States Drug Testing Laboratories (USDTL) and had his own column in the Arizona Republic called “DNA & DRUGS.” He has been quoted in US Business Review, Industry Today, Bangkok Post, The Turkish Herald, Hong Kong Herald, Buenos Aires Times, The Moscow Times and other places.

SonicTest Labs offers a full array of Testing Service with Results You Can Rely On.:

Drug Testing | Alcohol Testing | DNA Testing | Steroid Testing | STD Testing | Forensic Drug Testing | Legal Paternity Testing | Hair Follicle Testing | Passive Exposure Drug Testing | Immigration DNA | Child Custody DNA | K9 Drug Detection | Adoption DNA | Twin/Zygosity DNA | Infidelity DNA | Background Screening | Judicial Testing | Environmental Testing | Synthetic Drug Testing | Onsite Testing | Breath Alcohol Testing | Mask Fit Testing | Spirometry Testing | Occupational Hearing Testing (HCP)