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I put women who are disillusioned with love, life, and men on the fast track to happiness.

Trauma is real. Pain and life challenges are real. Moving beyond the pain is what I help women do. Like me, many women have been victimized and suffered greatly. I found that the events in our life that caused us the most pain are for a purpose, to help us to move beyond our old lives and story into something greater, so we feel more alive, thriving instead of suffering. Once we recognize our power and truth within, everything changes. There is a life beyond the sadness, anxiety and depression of broken dreams. There is love waiting for you.

You deserve a love that is unconditional, respectful and accepting. I help you get to the place of compassion and forgiveness so that there is no regret, guilt, shame or anxiety. I’ve been there and I’ll be your greatest cheerleader and support person, but will hold you accountable as well lovingly because I know that it takes consistency to get what you want. As a former fairy who flitted from flower to flower, consistency was one of my greatest sticking points. It led to feelings of not being good enough, intelligent enough and great doubts about if I could succeed at all. I know you can do it, because I did and no one was more negative and in a greater place of self-pity.

Let’s create a new story today so that your tomorrow is one that brings you joy, happiness, great success and contentment, because you have a purpose here on this planet. Contact me right now, let’s do this together! I can’t wait to meet you exactly where you are. There is no time like the present to begin.


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