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At Lawgena, headquartered in Seattle, our family law lawyers deliver family legal services, with Spanish-speaking lawyers.

Whatever the reason for your divorce, Lawgena lawyers will make the divorce process as simple, painless, and inexpensive, as possible. At Lawgena in Seattle, we listen carefully to your circumstances so that we can develop the most effective strategy.

Sometimes there is an unexpected variable at play which is driving the case, that needs to be identified. Maybe one party is an extreme enabler, maybe there is a motive for revenge, maybe there is an addiction, depression, risk-taking behavior, etc. Scientists evidently have even identified a ‘cheating gene’, which — excuse or no excuse — has been correlated with an increase in marital infidelity.

A quick assessment of some of these factors could help in determining, for example, whether to attempt early settlement, or to seek temporary orders. Often one or both of the clients will, at an emotional level, be unable to settle the case, until a certain length of time has passed, they have had an opportunity to present their side of the story, and / or they are presented with escalating attorney fees, uncertainty, and risk. A good divorce attorney will help their client get from point A to point B in the shortest amount of time, in the least painful manner, and the least expensive way.

Lawgena family law services include family legal matters such as child custody and divorce. Child custody can sometimes be complex, but our goal is to simplify and process through our experienced Spanish-speaking lawyers and staff at our Seattle office or throughout the region. Child Custody .

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