When Our Dreams Become Reality

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We all have dreams and aspirations of being someone we are currently not! We hardly ever really learn to live in the quality of the moment and enjoy that sparkly space we currently reside in. We use mindful -manifestations to create what we want our lives to become then don’t know how to handle the self - fulfilling prophecy we manifested. We are unprepared and that is sometimes a good thing and a great stroke of luck – just delve right in and figure it out. As Sir Richard Branson writes, “If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later.” When your dreams finally become a reality, how are you going to handle them? You handle them with grace is my greatest suggestion and just be authentically YOU. There is no one greater than yourself.

Most people are not just born with wanting to be an entrepreneur or have an entrepreneurial mindset to become successful. These are all learned behaviors and ones that need to be taught in order to succeed. We also must ask ourselves why are we doing what we are doing and pursuing, who do we want to serve, how will I become successful, who do I nee to know and what are the steps necessary to put my plans into action? What happens is most people face hardships and tragedies that completely change their life in a way where they see no out. They have hit rock bottom so many times and have become desolate that life shows them no other way but to claw their way out on their own and find a new path and chapter. There isn’t another life boat to secure your sanity. There isn’t any more money. There isn’t any more happiness left and either you sink or swim. This becomes a flight or fight moment of desperation. You HAVE to take action in order to survive and especially if you have children, and that is what I have done and the path I have specifically chosen. Greater are those that come out on top and have sacrificed everything to put one foot in front of the other and keep going when most would have completely understood if you gave up. Joyce Meyer wrote the most amazing and impactful book called “Never Give Up” and it teachers others how to overcome life’s greatest struggles and adversities. We must use our faith and rely on God to help us through the most difficult loop holes that are thrown our way. How do you handle burning bushes (figuratively speaking) and your haters? Will you push past adversity and learn never to give up? I know I have and that is a gift to be able to do that.

As mentioned above -- “If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later.” (Sir Richard Branson) This quote really speaks to my heart because I can remember a time when so many others believed in me before I did. For example, I had been praying and seeking opportunities that would grow me on an intellectual level, while providing solutions to those that needed me. The opportunity that arose was a scary one for me at and I knew I would have to devote a lot of study time in learning how to help others and one that I was not really qualified for but I said yes anyways. Let me explain … I was working with several clinicians in the Integrative world of healing and therapy and I was asked to see my own patients and educate them on Lyme Disease protocols, detox programs, how to stabilize glycemic indexes with food and proper nutrition and how IV therapy would really be beneficial for their mind, body and spirit. I was frightened because I had to learn a lot of information all at once and also be able to heal others in a specified protocol while making sure I taught them what I had learned and have the protocols and supplementation recommendations be effective. The treatments were very costly and my health was now in the hands of others mercy to get well because we don’t treat disease we find solutions to the root causes of illnesses within the body. My career was a huge success in part because of my perseverance but also because my colleagues believed in me and offered me an opportunity they knew I could handle even though I wasn’t qualified or quite ready for it. I dove in and changed many people’s lives in the process.

I can remember back to when I first started building my online business and was comparing myself to other successful business owners and all of their followers and business trips they were going on. My chapter one was nowhere near their chapter 10 and that created much doubt for my journey. I quickly learned not to judge what they had but to look forward to taking baby steps to creating my own successes and learning about my failures along the way. All of the people’s lives they were impacting all over the world and I wanted what they had. I immediately began studying what they were learning about, I signed up for webinars and began interacting with them on a regular basis so I would be known in their circle as well as began building relationships with them. This effort has greatly built dividends beyond my wildest dreams!! I have gotten out of my comfort zones to grow and honestly become the woman and world leader I was called to be. When you have the greatest expectations of yourself, you cannot allow others to get you off your path or take you away from what your true passions are. Everyone has unique abilities in the most creative capacities and no one has a gift that you have and a role to be fulfilled only by YOU. The shoes you walk in are made specifically for your journey and no one else’s – doesn’t that light you up like it does me? To be able to stand in your power and own your greatness is such a feat to be reckoned with in your experiences. I was completely down to nothing when I had to step into my power and take massive action for powerful results. I took the high road and did what was best for my kids and I. I became what most thought I couldn’t and smashed my goals and went beyond my own high standards and goals! I became one of the most creative writers for famous social media platforms like The Huffpost, WatchFit and SuccessFastLane.com. I am known as a Law of Attraction Expert and I made connections with people and asked for their help in fulfilling my destiny! When I was told no, I kept going until I received a Yes. I never gave up on myself, not once. I trained my mind that there is no plan B. I must succeed and impact people’s lives all around the world and show them a new perspective through my teachings and writings. Showing up ready, willing and able is the key to making anything possible!

The greatest gifts we give ourselves can be curses for others but we must remember one thing – we carefully select our paths and they select their own. When we honestly do what is best for our masterpiece we want to birth, we experience more success than we can ever imagine. Remember to always be authentically yourself and don’t take no for an answer. Keep pushing through until you receive the yes you have longed for. And lastly, remember to accept offers and opportunities that you may not be just yet qualified for as the road appears once you take the first step!



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