Why does it hurt so much so much?

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Without a doubt, infidelity hurts. A lot. But it may not be for the reasons you think.

We get married with the expectation that we will be the one and only for our spouse. When this expectation isn’t met, there’s pain. A lot of pain. But is it the circumstance or the thoughts we have about the circumstance that are painful? Our thoughts, if left unchecked, can run wild when infidelity is discovered. Some of these thoughts are completely unuseful and can hold you back from recovery. Even worse, our thoughts can sometimes create far more pain than is necessary. How do you separate the thoughts that are useful and necessary to process the pain versus the thoughts that are not serving you at all? The answer is thought work. Thought work is the process of examining your brain. First, to find out what’s in there. What are you thinking about what has happened in your relationship? What do you think it means? Once you begin to uncover the thoughts buried in your brain, you can take a look at what they are creating for you. Are they helping you move forward? Are they helping you heal? Or are they keeping you stuck or holding you back?

Thought work is a unique approach to recovering from infidelity. The good news is that thought work focuses on you, not your spouse or your relationship, but YOU. No matter what your spouse does, no matter what happens in your relationship, you have the power to heal yourself. In fact, you are the only one who can heal you.

Want to learn more about thought work and how it can help the healing process, contact me at Krdjjj@yahoo.com for a free consultation.

Kristin Romney

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