Why I’m Raising A Sweet Boy

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I think we all can agree – or at least most of us can – that our society teaches boys not to cry, be tough, carry the weight, be the bread winners, act tough, be rough and the list is endless with how we are negatively conditioning our kids to be men in the future. In a world that is already mean – I am choosing to raise a sweet boy and here is why.

I positively condition my children how I want them to behave and respond back to me, society, their peers, friends, colleagues, coaches and family members. My son opens doors and shows me the sweetest gestures like brushing my hair before bed, he is so kind to animals- showing them much love, he is a gentleman at church, he has the biggest heart at Christmas making gifts for and serving the homeless, he writes me the kindest Mother’s Day cards and is slow to anger all the while being patient and loving towards everyone.

I positively reward my kids for behaving well instead of always punishing everything they do wrong. We celebrate life together often – for the sake of being grateful and alive. I don’t tolerate drama or unkind words towards others (unless we are frustrated – a normal response).

I choose to raise a sweet boy for his future, ours, his career and of course a wife. You catch a hell of a lot more bees with honey then you do piss and vinegar. Bosses appreciate kind people and those who use kind words and are usually accepted easier and are an integral part of a team for longer periods of time.

Society is full of enough men harming women, using them as sex objects, lying to them and cheating when the going gets tough. Using divorce as an easy excuse not to do hard work to make marriages stay together, getting lazy and making excuses as to why loose lips sank ships. Abusing women, stealing people’s joy and thinking that if they ask for forgiveness it makes it all better. Well it honestly doesn’t and the emotional scars are still there and it takes years to repair. I would rather teach my children the correct way to live and develop from an early age then have to go back and repair years of damage that is often times not easily fixable. One of the main things I teach my kids are words are not for hurting and that once you say or do something – you can’t take it back!!

And I get to hear music to my ears when I pick my 10year old son up in the car rider line as he says …. Mom where were you at lunch today, I was waiting for you ….. That’s my Mommy ….. to all of his friends who don’t bat an eye when he says this ….. Good Night as he falls asleep right next to me and is sound asleep within moments ….. wakes up and takes a shower and I wrap his warm towel around him to show how much he means to me … it’s honestly the little things that make the biggest difference. I know it’s not the norm to raise boys who are sweet but neither is eating in bed every meal of the day. There is just something very peaceful knowing that I raised my son to be sweet and throughout his life I have witnessed everything positive about it. He has blessed more people with his happy attitude, positive outlook on life, his huge smile that lights up a room, his sweet words and his love for Jesus and our church. If that doesn’t win him the cool kid award – I am ok with that. I know God taught my son a whole lot more to life in what really matters and it’s not to fit the societal norms of today but to set a Godly example of His greatest love and that is exactly what he is doing. And I am so proud to call him mine.

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