25 Ways To Create A Brighter 2018

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Looking back over the year we can see where we excelled, missed our goals, or allow our emotions to get the best of us. There is always room for improvement in our lives and relationships but where do we start? Last year did you follow through on your New Year’s Resolutions? Did you change the things you weren’t happy with your world? If not, why not?

Following are some ways to re-think and release the old energy of 2017. Each year we are getting better and better! (If not, you need to send me an e-mail let’s create more joy, happiness, and bliss in 2018!

Love more. Love begins and ends with ourselves. If you hate yourself, it will be difficult to attract love to you. Love yourself no matter what. If you are in a partnership, have you been the best partner you could be? Did you lovingly accept your partner as they are? Or did you try to “help them,” or try to “fix” them? Love and acceptance require us to accept others as they are, rather than trying to change them. See the things you don’t like in another as a core issue you don’t like within yourself. Spend less time focusing on the things you don’t like and focus on what you do.

Appreciate more, rather than less. Appreciation of those around us from the dog-sitter to the cashier, the wait staff in our favorite restaurant to the people who mow, weed, fix our cars, pick up our trash and give us money. Appreciation of others required you to also appreciate yourself. Saying, “Thank you. I really appreciate you changing my tires today,” goes a long way to help the other person’s day better. We get something as well, more love.

Spend less money and more time. Money doesn’t buy us happiness. Success doesn’t buy us happiness. Spending time with our loved ones with our presence, listening to what they are saying and asking them questions means so much more to our loved ones than any gift we give.

Give of yourself. Giving to others could mean doing a favor for someone, like picking them up at the airport, watching their dog or just checking in on an ill friend, to show your support. Giving of ourselves requires our PRESENCE, rather than presents. Our time is a valuable resource. Use your time wisely and put aside those things like FaceBook and other social media where true connections are not found.

Give back to the elderly. Our elders have been on this planet for a long time. They have many stories to share and much wisdom. They have given to us in many ways. Sometimes they are annoying and repeat themselves. Other times they are lonely because they don’t feel they are contributing to society any longer. Wisdom comes with age. Don't discount what an elder has to say about life, love, and work. Listen intently with an open heart. Hear what they are really saying. Ask them questions about what the world was like "back in their day." They love to tell stories. Make sure you love them as they are, rather than hoping that at this late date they will change into something other than who they are.

Connect with real people more. Social media is nice, but are most of those people really friends? How much time do you spend on social sites a day? Can you imagine what your life would be like if you actually called someone on the phone and talked for thirty minutes instead?

Delete old e-mails. There is energy in old stuff. Clear out your inbox. What are you saving it for?

Clean out your closets. If you don’t wear it in a year, or use it, get rid of it. Give your gently used clothes to a homeless person or a thrift store so that someone else can wear those things that are just taking up space. Getting rid of old stuff makes space for new to come in. If your closets are crammed with stuff, there is no room for new. Make the choice to make room for the new. I just traveled across five states with furniture for my daughter’s new apartment. She is delighted to have these things to fill her empty spaces. I benefit because I made room for new to come in.

Delete friends that aren’t really friends. We all have people in our lives that drag us down, deplete us, or are superficial friends. Maybe they create drama or vomit their negativity on you and your world. If someone isn’t raising you up, are they really a friend?

Decide to fulfill your soul’s purpose. Everyone has a purpose here on this earth. If you hate your job or don’t feel fulfilled, you are not living your soul’s purpose and aren’t aligned with your soul. How do I know, because until I began doing healing/hypnotherapy/self-love energy work, I did not feel this deep inner peace, tranquility, and joy. Living on purpose will shift everything in your world. I guarantee it.

Be more compassionate. Put yourself in the other person’s shoes. How would you feel to have their experience? How can you be more compassionate rather than judge, critique or berate?

Accept what is. Rather than fight things you cannot change, accept. When something changes abruptly begin to look at the new opportunities and see the benefit of something better for you that The Universe offers.

Commit to yourself. Commit to being the best version of your unique self you can be. Hire a coach to help you step over challenges instead of being hindered by them.

See the opportunities around you. When one door closes another opens. Look up to see the good in each event that occurs, rather than seeing change as something bad.

Connect daily with nature. The sun heals. Plants and trees heal. Hug a tree and ask it to remove your burdens. See what happens when you do. The sun cures depression, yet so many people walk from their house to their car and their car into a building where they spend their entire day. At the end of the day, they repeat the steps in reverse. Getting yourself outside in nature will raise your spirits and your vibration.

Move! Our bodies were not meant to be sedentary. Exercising once a week is not enough. We need to walk daily. If you can’t walk – dance! Dancing will help you feel happier and help you get your body in shape. I lost 7 pounds in three weeks dancing fifteen minutes a day – that is three songs! It doesn’t matter if you listen to AC/DC, Earth, Wind, and Fire, or Michael Jackson, pick music that gives you the impetus to move. I listen to all sorts of music I never thought I would at my age. Wake up people and crank up your tunes!

Be the best you, that you can be. Nurture yourself. Get plenty of rest. Meditate. Give gratitude for what you have. All these things will help you feel better about you, your life and create a happier world for tomorrow for you.

Drop the critiquing of yourself and others. If it isn’t nice, don’t say it to yourself and others. If your words aren’t loving they don’t need to be said. Find your resistance to love here.

Speak your truth with compassion. Speaking up for ourselves is an important part of life. Too often we say nothing and allow events to continue to unfold in ways that aren’t beneficial for ourselves.

Be grateful daily. Thanksgiving is not the only day we need to give gratitude. Gratitude will enhance your life in ways that will astound you. Miracles will begin to unfold around you when you are grateful just for being alive another day, your roof over your head, the meal you just ate, the people who love you. The list goes on. If you can’t find something to be grateful for begin to look at your body, heart, liver, intestines, eyes, legs, feet and give gratitude for them.

Choose happiness. Happiness is a choice. Choosing happiness rather than misery and suffering is the first step. Stop the pity party. There is always someone who has more challenges than you do, just look around. Take my Happiness Jumpstart Program for just $98 nope $67.00. Three hours of audio coaching and energy clearing as well as affirmations to put you well on the road to being happy and living in THE FLOW STATE!

Take responsibility for yourself, your words, health, and happiness. Many people think that a relationship will “make them happy.” Rather than expecting another person to do this amazing thing for you, take responsibility for yourself. There is no one that can make you happy if you are unhappy with yourself. Instead focus your attention inward. Where do your thoughts go when idle? Do you focus on the positive or the negative?

Get rid of anxiety, worry, and negativity! 90% of our thoughts are unconscious, meaning that most of what you are thinking you aren’t even aware of. Use mantras daily to clear your mind of negativity. Even something as simple as ” I love me,” will shift your perspective. If that is too difficult to say to yourself, how about “God Loves Me or The Universe Loves and supports me?” Get your energy cleared. have a private hypnotherapy session with me, or order “THE SHIFT,  three-part audio program.

Eat more fruits and vegetables. Staying young, fit and healthy expands our joy and happiness. When we become sick, or overweight depression can be a side effect. Choose healthy foods and smaller portions. Eliminate those things you know aren’t good for you. Your body will thank you and you will live longer.

Heal your emotions and forgive everyone! Allowing your emotions to rule your life will also cause you health issues. Let go of anger, grudges, and resentment. Anger causes heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure and a slew of other health issues. Keeping anger inside rather than having it cleared, or releasing it in positive ways like on a tennis court, or punching a pillow, or doing cathartic screaming out in the woods causes depression. (I clear trapped emotions from past trauma so that you don’t end up dying before your time, or attracting the same type of people that don’t reflect your desires.)

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