Becoming Available to Love and Be Loved

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I found myself in my 50’s deeply confused as to why I could not seem to create the love and partnership my heart desired. I lamented to anyone who would listen, “People tell me they love me, but they don’t act very loving.” I felt deeply invisible in my relationships with men and had no idea how I was the source of that experience. How I continued to choose men who were not available to love me the way I desired.  After two failed marriages, I was determined to figure this out. 

As I began to work with Mentors and Teachers who taught me the tools and processes that would support me in showing up in the world available to be loved the way my heart desired, I knew I had to share that with others. And I knew if it worked for me, it would be possible for you! I met the love of my life at 62 and now 6 years later we are married and having the best time of our lives. “Open to Possibility” – and dream your biggest dream!

If you are ready to become who you would need to be to create the life and love your heart desires, my book Opening to Possibility:  Becoming Available to Love and Be Loved  is for you!  You can check it out here:

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