Dealing With Rejection

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Every one of us has experienced rejection at some point, whether it is by a co-worker who didn’t want to have lunch with us or a person who refuses to date us. Rejection doesn’t feel good. We can become very upset and wonder what is wrong with us? 

The truth is that rejection doesn’t need to have such a negative connotation. In fact, rejection just might be the best thing that ever happened. Perhaps there is someone waiting for us around the corner that is far better suited to us than the person who rejected us. 

The possibilities are endless. We need to look at rejection very differently. Perhaps the reason the person didn’t want to have lunch with us had previous plans, or maybe they didn’t feel well. We don’t know all the possibilities, so why should we make it about us, when it isn’t. In this video, I examine the flip side of rejection that can make us recognize that rejection could be the greatest thing that ever happened opening the door to better opportunities than we ever thought possible. 

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