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Addictions are something we all experience in one form or another, even if we aren't aware. Whether it is an addiction to sugar, coffee, or shopping, codependency, working too much, pain-killers, marijuana, alcohol or even sex. 

Recently, I was interviewed by Dr. Mark Leeds on his Blogtalk radio show REHAB. His comment to me afterward was that this is his favorite episode. I hope you enjoy this interview. 

If you are finding happiness continues to elude you, listen to this hour-long interview with Dr. Mark Leeds. He interviewed me recently on the REHAB Show On Blogtalk Radio. Dr. Leeds said after our interview, "This episode is my favorite so far!"

What will you hear?

  • What I do every day to keep myself uplifted and happy
  • What horses teach us and the power of equine therapy
  • What happened in my life that made me focus on changing from negative, depressed and ill to happy

What you will learn:

  • How to disengage your mind so that affirmations and mantras work
  • What makes an affirmation powerful?
  • How beliefs govern our lives
  • How we are living in a robotic state or on auto-pilot
  • What are the best mantras to use to change your negativity
  • Where addictions come from
  • How to re-program the unconscious mind so you feel happy



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