Eye Catching Ways to Attract Your Valentine’s Day Crush

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Dr Bonnie Eaker Weil, Relationship Therapist/Adultery buster is author of “Make up, Don’t Break Up” and “Adultery The Forgivable Sin” and says “paying attention to your appearance is not being “superficial “, it’s how the chemistry/lust initially starts and is maintained!!”

The most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s Day, is approaching quickly and that means it’s time to think about how you’re going to prepare yourself for who you’re going to spend it with. Whether it be your new partner or someone you’ve been with for years, there are many factors you should be taking into account in order to make sure that spark will be there this Valentine’s Day. Check out my best tips on how to have a memorable day with your special someone.

Spruce Up Your Appearance

Although it seems superficial, studies have shown that our appearance is a significant way of attracting potential mates. Even more than personality, intelligence, and education, research has found that men and women equally rely predominantly on physical attractiveness to entice their crush and potential partner. This means it is even more important to look your best for your significant other or potential crush since it can lead to a new or bigger spark.

For men, it’s no secret that women find beards and mustaches sexy, so if you’re able to grow out and tame your facial hair in a stylish way, it can be a new side of your look that won’t go unnoticed by your partner. This means having to keep up your grooming process and the best way in doing so is by choosing the best razors and face creams that will help get you the shave you’re looking for. Take note of your relationship goals and how your facial hair can play a part. For example, stubble proves better for more sexual encounters while full beards demonstrate a sense of seriousness and emphasis on fatherhood and maturity. Add in a little cologne and some stylish clothing as well and it makes you look like a whole new man. Many women find a sense of style sexy, so upgrading your wardrobe can have your partner looking at you in a new light.

Attraction works both ways, and women should be thoughtful in the way they present themselves to potential suitors or existing partners as well. Men find bright, shining smiles among one of the top traits in women, so investing in your smile is a great way to send ripples of emotion throughout your crush or significant other. Another thing to ponder is how much makeup you use. You may think that adding layers of contour and eyeliner will help you out, but most men find natural looks to be most attractive. Apply only the bare necessities in order to hold on to your beautiful, natural look. Finally, taking care of your hair both in and out of the shower is one aspect of your appearance that can spark your look. Shiny and sleek hair is often categorized with great overall health and positivity so maybe look into changing your hairstyle if you’re looking to give a great impression.

Build the chemistry

For more developed relationships, building and maintaining chemistry with your partner can be a tough task, especially as time continues to move. However, there are ways you should constantly be improving your connection. One easy way is to rekindle old activities and things you used to do to remember old times. Whether it’s going on a vacation to a place that holds significant meaning or going to the gym together, getting back to your roots can help you and your partner feel something again.

Likewise, another easy way to get intimate with the one you want to get closer to is by getting to know them better and committing your interest in their personality and life. Start having deeper conversations with them to build trust and confidence. These kinds of actions are attractive and can open up new dimensions to your relationship.

First impression is key

Pivoting scenarios, for people looking to do some initial sparking on Valentine’s Day with a potential crush, think about how you’re going to make an impactful first impression, either on a first date or a social media message. Be genuine with your impression and stay true to who you are. The real success in attraction comes from sticking to your roots and radiating who you are authentically.

Try and find common ground and similarities that you can explore through both conversation and potential date activities. The more you express who you truly are, the more you are able to get a spark out of your first impression.

Try something new sexually

There’s no secret that longer relationships can get stale, especially sexually, so don’t be afraid to try something new sexually on Valentine’s Day. Whether that be introducing dressing up and roleplaying or adding something pleasurable to your sexy time, this can show off a sense of braveness and edginess that can be seen as a turn on. Having an open conversation ahead of time is essential though to make sure both people are comfortable with change. This can open doors to deeper levels of affection!

With all of these tips in mind, you should have no trouble sparking a fire and maintaining the raw emotions with your partner. Just remember to be yourself, prepare ahead of time, and be open-minded and you’ll be sure to have the sparks flying high this Valentine’s Day.

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