Why Is Adultery Higher After Valentine’s Day? Why Do Men Forget??

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Ashley Madison, a married cheating website, has higher enrollment and participation the day after Valentine’s Day because  when women evaluate the romance and passion from their marriage on the most romantic day of the year — Valentine’s day it frequently falls short!! So the grass always looks greener, says Dr Bonnie adultery buster and author of Makeup Don’t Break Up, and disillusioned women look to self-medicate to get that rush and high, from the romance and passion and attention they seek from their partner with a STAND-IN for Love!!!

Men "forgetting" is a subliminal way of saying "I’m resentful and have not gotten MY needs met so I’ll teach you a lesson and hope to “wake up and shake up "this relationship/ marriage for change!" Remember happy wife happy life? These guys need attention and love and stroking FIRST  before they can shower the woman with what she deserves. So "forgetting" Valentine’s Day is a symptom and a wake up call says Dr Bonnie relationship therapist and author of Makeup Don’t Break up, of a bigger issue. So use that not to blame and shame but teach your male partner at the same time you ask how he wants to be loved and are you loving him the way he wants to be loved? Then tell him how you want to be loved and if he is loving you the way you need to be loved! So the "forgetting" is "helping" remembering what is important — Love!!!!
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